Ildikó Petz

It's such a profession…

I always liked creating, drawing and making statues. I joined an Arts settlement’s camp twice when I was a student, where I learnt to make statues and the basics of graphics. I've learnt as an amateur. I am a nursery school teacher by profession, but after my third child was born I educated myself in ceramics also. I had several independent exhibitions where I displayed some statuettes, mine- and pastel drawings. I made an exhibition from salt-ceramics on the request of my home town that was on display for a number of years. My works have been displayed in the South-Balaton Cultural Centre in Siófok, in the Hotel Festival and in the Bajor Gizi community House in Balatonföldvár. I've created Nativity Cribs for public squares from terracotta ceramics. I embrace other cultures and artistic styles from different eras in my work.

Mexican bowl made with "raku" technique

I have decorated civil venues for a number of events, creatively of course. I've decorated concert halls, churches and dance halls both with ceramics and living flowers. I always consider these works to be challenges.
I gladly welcome the challenges, to project manage, the design and creation of a concept from start to finish, such as the decoration of restaurants or public rooms with natural and glazed ceramic decorations.

Springs Botond

My most enthusiastic student is my youngest son. Botond is just learning to work on the thrower. I don't teach at the moment but I enjoy teaching a few acquaintances and friends. I’ve introduced them to the thrower technique and the basics of ceramic making.

I have been interested in fine arts since childhood. I attended the Csokonai Vitez Mihaly Secondary School in Csurgo, where I trained to be a nursery school teacher. My art teacher Monika Hirka recognized my talent there. She wanted me to go to Art College, but due to external reasons, I stayed in my original, trained profession. As a nursery school teacher, I also made drawings, salt ceramics, sculptures...Making ceramics was just a hobby for me at first but later I got my certificate with an excellent grade. I am grateful to the colleagues from Keramiapark. They introduced me to age-old, ancient ceramics making, the „raku” technique and the general basics of ceramics making.

My name is dr. Petz Ildikó, Springs after my husband's name. I was born in the picturesque town of the „Hungarian sea”, in Balatonföldvár where I am living and working since I was born

Big statues, relieves
My first Nativity statues were made for the Ránki School of Music in Balatonföldvár.

Small plastics
I made my first statuettes when I was in secondary school. From my earlier work...

Other ceramic works
Plant pots, vases, pots, ceramic plaques, ceramic coat-of-arms, ceramic gifts, ceramic trophies, glazed ceramic pendants...

I became familiar with salt-ceramics while working in a nursery school. I got to like this material because you may find the raw materials in your household...

Pastel pictures
I began to draw pastel and coal drawings when I was a child. My kind drawing teacher Hilka Mónika...



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