Other ceramic works

I’ve tried many different types of ceramics, whether glazed or natural. I’ve gathered these categories in the middle column. I've made both small and large ceramics with the thrower, layered, usual and the raku techniques as well. I’ve made different types of bird feeders. The one in the front of the picture has 2 levels, and small birds can nest in the attic and raise their chicks..

I’ve made them natural, antique, glazed and with a combination of all of these. The birdfeeders are made frost resistant. It can be a lovely ornament for gardens and terraces.
I’ve made birdbaths as well for bird enthusiasts. The birds prefer the baths high on a post, the bottom can be used as a plant pot.

Ceramic plant pots, vases, layered pots

Plaques, coat-of-arms

Trophies, ornaments, pendants

Household ware

I have been interested in fine arts since childhood. I attended the Csokonai Vitez Mihaly Secondary School in Csurgo, where I trained to be a nursery school teacher. My art teacher Monika Hirka recognized my talent there. She wanted me to go to Art College, but due to external reasons, I stayed in my original, trained profession. As a nursery school teacher, I also made drawings, salt ceramics, sculptures...Making ceramics was just a hobby for me at first but later I got my certificate with an excellent grade. I am grateful to the colleagues from Keramiapark. They introduced me to age-old, ancient ceramics making, the „raku” technique and the general basics of ceramics making.

My name is dr. Petz Ildikó, Springs after my husband's name. I was born in the picturesque town of the „Hungarian sea”, in Balatonföldvár where I am living and working since I was born

Big statues, relieves
My first Nativity statues were made for the Ránki School of Music in Balatonföldvár.

Small plastics
I made my first statuettes when I was in secondary school. From my earlier work...

Other ceramic works
Plant pots, vases, pots, ceramic plaques, ceramic coat-of-arms, ceramic gifts, ceramic trophies, glazed ceramic pendants...

I became familiar with salt-ceramics while working in a nursery school. I got to like this material because you may find the raw materials in your household...

Pastel pictures
I began to draw pastel and coal drawings when I was a child. My kind drawing teacher Hilka Mónika...



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